Neonatology is a branch of pediatrics that deals with the medical care of newborn babies, especially premature, ill and babies born with birth defects. Neonatologists are specially trained to handle complex and high-risk conditions.

The work of a neonatologist begins even before the baby is born. They provide consultation to the pregnant mother who has congenital anomalies as they are required to prepare for birth and coordination of services. Rather than focussing on a particular organ, the neonatologists focus on providing care to newborn babies who require intensive care. They also act as pediatricians, providing the newborn with evaluation and care. Neonatologists are also required to be present during high-risk deliveries in addition to providing care to critically ill infants.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an area of the hospital dedicated to caring for critically ill newborn babies. It is generally separated from the nursery of healthy babies.

The NICU consists of a staff of trained health care professionals who are specialized in taking care of newborn infants. Most of the babies in the NICU are premature. Therefore, they require care around-the-clock. The babies are kept in NICU until they become healthy and strong enough.


At Rao hospitals, care is provided for newborn infants of all gestational ages. The NICU at Rao hospitals is said to be the best in the region with state of art equipment and facility making it one of the best neonatology hospitals in Coimbatore.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced neonatologists, we provide on-site evaluation and round-the-clock treatment for NICU babies. Treatments provided include respiratory disorders, pneumonia, hyaline disease, prematurity, neonatal and congenital infections, genetic abnormalities or congenital malformations, neonatal metabolic and neurological disorders. Additionally, lactation services, neonatal respiratory therapy, pharmaceutical and nutritional therapy is offered. Rao hospitals provide high standard neonatal care making it the best neonatology hospitals in Coimbatore.

Apart from providing additional care for premature or sick babies, we provide comprehensive care for in-born babies at the Well Baby Division. Rao hospitals is one of the very few neonatology hospitals in Coimbatore with a highly equipped unit for neonatal care. Pediatricians check the babies condition during the stay and administer the required vaccines and perform routine screening tests. We also have a team of experienced and well-trained lactation specialists, postpartum nurses and parent educators to provide the mother and baby the best treatment and prepare them to become well-informed parents.

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